VA ACCESSORIES: accessories and insoles boots for motorcyclists who want the most out of their clothing! These products boast a completely handmade and Made in Italy realization.
The new VA ACCESSORIES line offers optional accessories aimed at maximizing product comfort. It allows you to use new technologies and high tech materials, sometimes unique in the market. Insoles, optional membranes, repair kits or product maintenance, are products available on the market. But how many of these will correspond to your real expectations? Our accessories for motorcyclists for sale online are perfectly integrated with each of our footwear because they are the result of years of experience and often months of research to offer you maximum comfort, an important factor also for motorcycle safety. Every accessory on request can be purchased at any time and serves to face the extreme cases of every biker's life with the utmost serenity ...


The sole of each pair of Vendramini is quickly replaceable, you can order the soles if you know a shoemaker able to fit them. Moreover thanks to the maintenance service you can take advantage to renew the sole or the protections of your boots maintaining the guarantee.


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