The VM Line METROPOLITAN was born in 1998 when the first realization of motorcycle boots derived from casual and sports shoes was presented. Even today, these shoes boast a totally Made in Italy production cycle! This line of special shoes that are intentionally confused aesthetically with "normal shoes" stands out for its lightness and comfort. Often our customers make it an alternative use to classic "motorcycle boots" and sometimes even independent of the use of the bike. . .


Like every Vendramini product on sale, they are made of "real leather" the only material that offers maximum safety in case of sliding on asphalt. In addition, the IPLC side anti-crushing safety bottom, withstands compressions up to 150% higher than the provisions of EC level I legislation. Tip, heel, ankles are extremely protected. The sole thanks to the maintenance service is replaceable 2 times, this means an average duration of more than 200,000 km of asphalt in motion. . .


more comfortable than many "normal shoes", each METROPOLITAN model aims to meet specific needs that always keep in mind the possibility of being used in areas other than motorbike use, such as everyday footwear that every woman or man could wear to go At the office. To optimize the comofort, in the production of these shoes we have adopted the following production standards:
- a decidedly exceptional overall lightness taking into account the level of protection offered!
- Removable leather / coconut insoles that offer exceptional comfort , optimal breathability and thanks to the "cushioned bottom" a comfort that allows you to walk for hours and hours.


If the availability of standard sizes online, (from 36 to 51) does not meet your needs, no problem! We will make a pair of boots tailored for you! The online sale of customized products is subject to the approval of the quote that will be sent to the customer via email. For any information regarding the prices of customized products, please contact


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