VJ ALLROAD: boots for motorcyclists who love adventure!
These products boast a completely artisanal and totally Made in Italy construction. Online sales also include the possibility of making custom-made boots.
The new VJ "AllRoad" Line is the result of the experience of 4 motorcycle adventure professionals, who in 2005 traveled the 18,000 km that separate Venice from Beijing.
With the creation of these shoes we have achieved the goal of creating the boot for the "total motion". With the three versions of the DESERT-ALP we want to fully satisfy the needs of every man who loves total freedom without borders ...
For riders of this rank, yesterday was selling a choice between two possibilities:
A) touring boots, practical and light raincoats, but not very protective in off-road ...
B) heavy enduro boots, sturdy with which however, it was unthinkable to take a trip "in the rain" or, even less, to walk for a few kilometers in a historical center ... "
Today all this is a memory ... !! Thanks to the realization of Desert-Alp the compromises are over! Who wants to stop dreaming can! For demanding riders who are not inclined to renounce, for long journeys full of adventure, without frontiers or limits of the route. On the road or off-road, Desert-Alp always guarantees you maximum performance as it is designed to meet every need of road tourism by combining these with all the typical protection requirements of off-road routes. Thanks to the use of special materials for reinforcements, Desert-Alp is robust and protective at critical points like an enduro, but at the same time light, waterproof, snug and comfortable as a tourism!


Like every Vendramini product, they are made of "real leather" the only material that offers maximum safety in case of sliding on asphalt. Furthermore, the IPLC (Integral Protection Lateral Crushing) system integrated in the particular processing of the sole, offers a 200% anti-crushing lateral safety higher than that provided for by the CE level II regulation. Toe, heel, ankles are extremely protected by ASP (Abrasion Steel Protection) technology. A safety micrometric closure system with two straps allows a perfect fit to the fit. The sole thanks to the maintenance service can be replaced for an indefinite number of times, moreover the steel ferrule is removable. The "tailor-made" service allows you to choose the type of tread that best suits your needs or those of a specific journey you are preparing for.


Special removable leather / coconut insoles offer exceptional comfort and optimal breathability. By removing them, you can use the product with a double sock. The waterproof V-Tex Hidro-Stop membrane makes the product water proof. The Outlast "adaptive comfort" lining has a thermostabilising function, is able to absorb, store and eventually yield, the excess heat of the foot.


If the availability of standard sizes online, (from 36 to 51) does not meet your needs, no problem! We will make a pair of boots tailored for you! The online sale of customized products is subject to the approval of the quote that will be sent to the customer via email. For any information regarding the prices of customized products, please contact


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